The Fabulous Logic Analyzer – Problems during port initialization

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 21:02
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“TFLA-01 is a simple logic analyzer for the PC.  This one consists of a simple schematic which is attached on the PCs parallel port (a real parallel port is highly recommended, not a USB adapter) and which can analyse H and L levels of 8 inputs. On the PC, there’s running a graphical program which displays the contents.”

You can get the schematics and read more about it on

There is a chance that you might get into problems with the parallel port initialization.  The error message might look like:  “An error occurred while colecting data: There was a problem during port initialization. This could be because another driver has opened the port exclusively, or other reason.”

There is a solution to this and it’s name is giveio.sys

- Download the file and extract it on your hard drive.
- Next you need to compile the loaddrv.h, loaddrv.c    to get a loaddrv.exe executable.
- Place the giveio.sys file into the same directory as loaddrv.exe
- In the command line type   loaddrv.exe install giveio
- Next type  loaddrv.exe  start giveio
- Run TFLA.exe and enjoy it  ;)

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One Response to “The Fabulous Logic Analyzer – Problems during port initialization”

  1. may @ the source says:

    December 11th, 2010 at 05:35


    I tried using the older and latest tfla-01-05.0 and have installed giveio.sys on a winxp SP3 system and it appears to run but the captures on the parrallel port are either all high or all low, no real capturing of true port data. I’ve set my parallel port to bot ECP as well as Bidirectional with no luck. Any ideas on how to make this thing grab port data properly??

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