Ipconfig /all missing ethernet adapters. Limited connection. Solved

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 13:54
Posted in category Operating Systems

After a Windows 7  restart I had no network adapters showing after executing the ” ipconfig /all ” command but they showed up in the device manager, so the netowork was not working at all.
After few hours researching the internet and thinking of a system reinstall I accidentaly found the solution.

Other solutions:

1. Disable IPv6 protocolls for the network adapters

2. Reset TCP/IP stack, Winsock

3. Remove all Toredo and Isatap ethernet tunnels inside the device manager. (Device manager > Show hidden devices > Network adapters)

4. Uninstall the network adapters inside the device manager. Install again with latest drivers

None of these worked for me.

What coused the problem for was a failed Conectify.me installation. That is a software that does AP simulation. The installation failed and crashed the system but it had messed up the network settings.

5. For all network adapters click on Properties and disable “Connectify LightWeight Filter”.

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